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10565 111 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 3E8

Local Delivery Distribution

Edmonton Distribution Courier Service

Our local delivery distribution service was created with small businesses in mind. It offers an economical yet efficient way to get your products into the hands of your customers.

Distribution is a great fit for businesses who:

  • Are currently using a larger carrier like Canada Post for local deliveries
  • Have, on average, a minimum of 5 orders ready to go at the same time
  • Don’t have the time or resources to figure out how to handle deliveries internally
  • Don’t require same-day delivery but would still like an efficient experience for their clients
  • Are finding their current delivery fees hard to afford and are looking for flat rates with transparent fees

How it Works

While we are willing to work within your current fulfillment practices, here is the process we have found works the best.

Whether you have 5 local deliveries orders to fulfill each day or 500, we’ll create a tailored distribution solution that works for your business.


Our local delivery distribution service is available to businesses located in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Pricing is calculated based on the distance of the delivery from your location as well as the weight and size of the order.

Pricing will be tailored to you specifically based on your location, volume, and needs. Please inquire with us for a quote.

Little Guys

“Extremely dependable and affordable; They care about getting it right. Highly recommended! I’ve been using them for all my work in Alberta as I am Ontario based. One of the only carriers I use that I never have to second guess if they will get it done right. Keep up the great work!!!”

Funding Innovation

“Our company has worked with Dominion Messenger for over 4 years now for all of our warehousing and courier needs in the Edmonton area. They are the consummate professionals and provide consistent exemplary service. Their staff is incredible and always willing to help.”

Load Hog Helper Springs

When we were first setting up our eCommerce store, we were struggling to figure out an efficient and cost-effective way to fulfill orders. When we came across Dominion Messengers’ fulfillment and warehousing service, we knew instantly this was the answer to our problem. After over a year of using them, we can confidently say that they have exceeded our expectations.

Hillenbrand Kozicki LLP

We have been using Dominion Messenger Inc. as our courier for over 10 years. The couriers are friendly, professional, prompt, and reliable. The administrative staff have always gone above and beyond to meet our specific courier needs. Being in the legal profession many of our deliveries are imperative and time sensitive. Dominion has always provided us with excellent service, and are a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend them!

Request a Quote

Whether you are need of a single delivery or are looking for regular service, we would be happy to provide you with a custom quote.